• Headquarters, GEP and GLP, laboratory facility for biocides/household product testing, screening studies and field testing capabilities. The Cardiff office in South Wales, UK, is the company's HQ. We have occupied our current premises since early 2001, and have 500 m2 of office, laboratory, and controlled environment space, as well as specialist facilities including a Potter tower, aerosol atomiser, and Peet-Grady chambers. Cardiff focuses on product efficacy testing to GEP and GLP, principally in the laboratory, but with an extensive field trials capability, including good access to field sites and warehouse space on a rental basis.


    i2LResearch Limited
    Units 9-12, CBTC 2
    Capital Business Park
    Cardiff CF3 2PX, UK
    General Tel: +44 (0)2922400586


    There is a regular rail link from Paddington, London and you can click here to find train times. Cardiff is also served by an international airport which is about 20 minutes away by taxi. If you are travelling by road, then follow the instructions below:

  • GEP, field station for crop and turf studies. i2LResearch Ltd (Newcastle) is a branch office of i2LResearch established in North East England in March 2005. Directed by Dr Catherine Whaley, i2LResearch Ltd (Newcastle) is a wholly owned and purpose-fitted field station with 1.6 hectares of land, commercial-scale polytunnels, glasshouses, an office block, a meeting room, and a laboratory. Via excellent links with local farmers, i2LResearch Ltd (Newcastle) offers testing on molluscicides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.


    i2LResearch Ltd (Newcastle)
    Daisy Hill
    Shotley Bridge
    DH8 6SB
    Tel: +44 (0)7946 228 867

  • GEP and GLP, laboratory facility for ecotoxicology studies and a field station for biocide and crop testing. i2LResearch Ltd (Central Europe) was the first non-UK branch office of i2LResearch Ltd, established in the Czech Republic in 2008. Managed by Dr Pavel Foltan, i2LResearch Ltd (Central Europe) occupies offices and laboratories in the South Bohemian Technology Park.


    i2LResearch Central Europe
    Lipová 9/1789
    Ceske Budejovice
    Czech Republic
    Tel: +420 399 499 691
    Alternative Tel: +420 604 953 278

    For our welcomed visiting sponsors we kindly recommend the following hotels: Hotel Centrum*** and Hotel České Budějovice.

  • GEP, field station for biocide and crop testing. i2LResearch Ltd (Southern Europe) in Girona, Spain was launched in June 2010, and allows the company to carry out trials in the EPPO Mediterranean zone. i2LResearch Ltd (Southern Europe) is managed by Roger Latorre, and is located in Cornellà del Terri, near Girona. Initially focusing on biocide field trials, the recent GEP certification has allowed expansion into horticulture and agriculture. Roger sees huge potential for i2LResearch Ltd in Southern Europe, and anticipates significant growth in the business in the coming years.


    i2LResearch Southern Europe
    C/ Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 30
    17844 Girona
    Cornellà del Terri - Spain
    General tel: +34 972 596 140
    Fax: +34 972 596 140

  • GLP, newly purposed laboratory facility for biocides/household product testing with off-site field testing capabilities. The i2LResearch USA facility has a 4080 ft3 chamber with controlled temperature and ventilation, four 1155 ft3 chambers with controlled temperature and ventilation, a Peet-Grady chamber, extensive testing areas, and insectaries housing several pest species. The office specialises in efficacy testing of products for the control of household and public health pests.


    i2LResearch USA Inc
    1430 Joh Ave, Suites L-M,
    MD 21227,
    Tel.: +1 4107474500
    Fax.: +1 4107474928

    Directions from BWI to 1430 Joh Ave:

    • Take I-195 West
    • Continue on I-195 W.  Take exit 4A to I-95 North toward I-695/Baltimore. Merge onto I-95.
    • Take exit 50A to merge onto South Caton Ave.
    • Turn right onto Joh Ave.
    • Turn left where you see 1420 Joh Ave. industrial building
    • Pass 1420 Joh Ave. straight back and the next building on the right is 1430 Joh Ave.
    • Our office is the first Suite of the building.


  • i2LResearch USA, Inc, also has capabilities for testing in Florida, conducting GLP field testing, primarily on public health pests, for example flies, ants, cockroaches, termites and mosquitoes. We have staff permanently based in Florida, which also serves as the basis for our in vitro lice testing service.


    i2LResearch USA, Inc.
    1430 Joh Avenue
    Suites L-M
    Baltimore, MD 21227
    Tel: +1 410-747-4500
    Fax: +1 410-747-4928